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Toshiba's MFP for special paper printing

Toshiba's Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs) are able to create point-of-purchase (POP) advertising, menu, notices, and so on while functioning as copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines. Moreover, they can create prints on various special paper with the same way as standard printing. With Toshiba's MFPs, you can save tremendous time and cost on making your tools!

Input your sample data or create your original design, and then produce your final products by Toshiba's MFPs with the same steps as standard printing.
Toshiba's MFPs print out documents quickly any time. You can get your prints no matter how many pages you want and whenever you want.
Toshiba's MFPs are able to produce various tools related to your business internally. Toshiba MFPs can help you design your ideal products while saving the time and cost!


Shipping AreaForm & Label SSupermarket
Point of purchase advatising Restaurant / 
Food court
Improvement of shipping process by Form & Label
When handling shipping items in a daily work, we need to print out many invoices and labels based on the different recipients and parcels. Also, we spend a long time to collect data, apply the data to the boxes, and enclose them. Considering to the process, we must prepare many machines to print out different forms and labels. However, each of them requires supplies and maintenance regularly, so managing them is so annoying...

- Handling various documents (invoices, shipping labels, and shipping forms) is complicated; moreover, errors are occured during shipment and delivery.

- Additional plastic bags are needed on parcels to cover delivery documents.


- Making different documents on one page by one machine.

- Simple process reduces lead time and enhances the quality of delivery documents.

- Reducing error of mixing documents.

Customer’s Benefit
  • Removing complexity and reducing errors on delivery documents
  • Simplifing process to reduce lead time
  • Reducing errors of mixing documents
  • Allowing dynamic advertisements
Fresh Foods Point-of-purchase (POP)
advertising at Supermarket
We would like to inform our customers timely about daily specials for fresh fruits and fish etc. at the fresh food sections, but ordinary paper is easy to be ruined if it gets wet. However, it will be too much work if we as a work process to laminate our POP advertising everyday....

- POP advertising displayed in fresh food sections are easily damaged by dampness.

- Asking a business to make POP advertising on a daily or weekly basis is troublesome.

- It takes time to deliver advertising after ordering.

- Laminating POP advertising internally is inefficient if only small numbers of these are needed.


- Printing POP advertising easily on highly durable and water-resistant paper

- Being able to print one single page immediately

- Eliminating the expense of lamination

Customer’s Benefit
  • Effortless printing with the same process as ordinary printing
  • Saving time and cost by making POP advertising internally
  • Printing documents anytime to changes POP advertising timely
  • Printing POP adverting on highly durable and water-resistant paper to keep them clean and reusable
Menu at Restaurant, Food court, etc.
I always ask external business to update monthly specials to my menu, or make some changes on designs and pictures regularly. I usually waited a long time to get the new menu ready since I ordered. The cost and time for making new menus kind of frustrate me....

- Menu update must be handled externally whenever seasons change or special events happen.

- It takes a long time to change designs and pictures to match the season.

- Quick menu changes are difficult.

- Menus may get soiled easily from spilled water and food in restaurants.


- Being able to print as many copies as you need

- Easily printing out personally desired designs and pictures

- Being able to change menus and designs timely

- No need to laminate every time; no worries about soiling with highly durable paper

Customer’s Benefit
  • Working more efficiently by getting rid of lamination
  • Quick changes or additions are allowed
  • Saving cost and time by doing works internally
  • Changing menus or designs whenever you desired



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