Introducing e-BRIDGE Next updates

June 25, 2021
Toshiba Tec Corporation


Toshiba Tec Corporation (TOKYO: 6588) will launch an updated version of its MFP platform e-BRIDGE Next on June 25th, 2021, adding new features to the current lineup of Toshiba MFPs. These features are designed to help organizations overall efficiency along with an increase to their security.

Access data and print from anywhere

The updated e-BRIDGE Next will support new cloud services, such as Universal Print from Microsoft and Native Print from Chrome OS. Unlike in the past where you needed to install a printer driver to your client PC, Universal Print and Native Print enable users to print directly from the cloud service. This allows users to print from anywhere via the internet.

In addition, when accessing the cloud, security plays an important part in data transfer. Cloud Managed Document Service enables our MFPs to directly communicate with cloud services, and e-Bridge Cloud Login allows you to login to cloud services using mobile device or PC for the 1st time authentication. 2nd login becomes automatic and does not require authentication using mobile device or PC, allowing the access to be convenient yet safe and secure.

Assistance Remotely

Remote Assistant Menu is added in case you have an issue on your MFP or just need some assistance. You can ask the Call Center for assistance simply by clicking this icon on the control panel. The menu features Log Transmission, Remote Service, and Remote Panel Operation enabling the Call Center to access the MFP to investigate the issue or remotely operate the control panel based on customer’s requests.

Failure Prediction with e-BRIDGE Remote Diagnosis Tool monitors and analyses your MFP to predict and visualize the component and timing of a potential malfunction or failure. This allows service to schedule visits before problems occur and keeps your MFP in top condition and reduces machine down time.

About Toshiba Tec

Toshiba Tec Corporation is a Toshiba’s group company, a leading provider of technology solutions, operating across multiple industries – ranging from retail, education and business services to hospitality and manufacturing. With headquarters in Japan and over 70 subsidiaries worldwide, Toshiba Tec Corporation helps organizations transform the way they create, record, share, manage and display information.

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