Feature: 5-Minute Guide—Toshiba Tec CSR Activities

Feature: 5-Minute Guide—Toshiba Tec CSR Activities

Toshiba Tec has been conducting CSR activities in many parts of society. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Bring Your Kids to Work Day / Workplace Experience Program

At our head office and branches in Japan, we invite our employees’ children to take a tour of their parents’ workplaces. We also offer work experience programs for junior high school students on field trips.

Blood Donation

At head office and branches/branch offices, we donate blood twice a year.

Toshiba Tec Philanthropy Fund’s Donation to Local Municipalities

Once a year, the Toshiba Tec Philanthropy Fund, which is completely voluntary for employees, makes donations to support local communities and children who will lead the next generation.

Recycling Campaign for Plastic Bottle Caps

We collect plastic bottle caps at each workplace and return them to vending machine vendors. Through these vendors, the collected caps are donated for vaccine manufacturing.

Donation to Japanese Red Cross Society

Through the Toshiba Tec Philanthropy Fund, we make donations to the Japanese Red Cross Society for the purpose of supporting disaster-struck areas.

Volunteer Storytelling

Using donated picture books, employees from the Shizuoka Business Center and other offices volunteer as storytellers for children at nursery schools and kindergartens.

Visiting Lectures

We visit elementary schools and community centers all over Japan to give lectures on request.

Sea Turtle Conservation

We conduct sea turtle conservation activities on the beaches of Penang Island, Malaysia.

Donating Books, Clothes, Stationery, and Cheques

We collect items from employees during Toshiba Group Volunteer Days held in December and donate them to various facilities and centers.

Donation of Non-Perishable Food Items: Food Drive

In North America, Shizuoka and Tokyo, we conduct food drives to donate non-perishable food items.

Support (Donation) for Animal Protection Groups

At our local subsidiaries in Malaysia, we provide support to animal protection groups.

Snow Removal Volunteers, etc.

With the aim of helping local communities, we conduct various kinds of volunteering activities that match regional characteristics.

Toshiba Tec Indonesia Tree Planting Activities

As part of our environmental conservation activities in Indonesia, the Toshiba Group participates in tree planting projects.

Cooperating with Local Communities on Beautification Activities

With the purpose of contributing to local communities and protecting the environment, we conduct clean-up activities across the country.

Flower Planting and Clean-up Activities

To create a comfortable living environment, we conduct flower planting activities in Tokyo and Shizuoka.

Toshiba Tec Group is engaged in community-based activities

Toshiba Tec Group has a clearly defined policy regarding its relationship with society.
As a member of global society, we aim to deeply understand the history, culture, and customs of each country and region. To create a better society, we are engaged in various activities that contribute to local communities, with a particular focus on the development of the next generation, social welfare, and environmental conservation.

Basic Policy on Our Approach to Society

  • We work in solidarity and cooperation with local communities and fulfill our responsibilities as a member of those communities. At the same time, we cooperate and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, including NPOs, NGOs, government agencies, and international organizations.
  • We provide support for our officers’ and employees’ volunteering activities and give maximum consideration to the exercise of the public rights.
  • We make timely and appropriate donations in the countries and regions where we operate, taking into account the impact, goals, and overall public benefit of those contributions.
  • We will strive to enhance our brand image and connect with society at every opportunity.