CEO Message

Hironobu Nishikori

Hironobu Nishikori
President and Chief Executive Officer

Hironobu Nishikori

The world is currently facing rapid environmental changes and increasingly complex social issues on a global scale, including waste loss due to overproduction, increasing CO2 emissions, labor shortages, and changes in work styles. We, the Toshiba Tec Group, are committed to making changes to swiftly address social changes, challenges, and customer needs.

We possess a worldwide network of sites, a leading market share for POS systems, and other assets that are not shown on financial statements. By maximizing the use of our global customer base and sales and maintenance network, we aim to become a “top global solutions partner” as a platformer to co-create new value and solutions for solving social issues together with our customers and partners.

As of October 1, 2021, the Toshiba Tec Group has revised the Toshiba Tec Group Corporate Philosophy and established a new Vision and Action Guidelines. In these uncertain times, we will practice our Corporate Philosophy of “Create with You” to achieve change and sustainable growth.

Our goal is to solve not only our customers’ problems, but also the underlying social issues. By addressing material issues based on our philosophy, we will contribute to solving social issues and realizing a sustainable society.

In pursuit of business growth, we will also emphasize communication with our stakeholders and strive to enhance our corporate value.